Unleashing the creative clout

Building blocks

When I watched Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on nurturing creativity, I felt a natural surge of empathy towards her. While it may very well be that creativity comes at a cost, to think of it as a burden would be inappropriate. By no stretch of imagination can creativity be described as something that can consume the life out of an individual. While it may be true that many great creators in history have suffered an early affliction or even premature death, blaming it on creativity is missing the point. Creativity does not ‘consume’ a person until he or she is left to languish with what remains of their mortal selves.

I see creativity as a source to sustain, strengthen and grow human potential. One can wield its enormous force by channeling it for mastery and self-competition in a skill. An increasing body of evidence suggests a strong linkage between positive thinking on cognition, which enhances creativity. I like this model of thinking. I like it because it reaffirms my view that positive thinking forms the basis of things novel and ingenious. Creative people are not just those that sit in ivory towers. One might as well get his best ideas when he is jogging or even having a warm and lovely shower.

Perhaps there was never a better time to emphasize the importance of unleashing one’s creativity. In times such as these, when gloom is all that you are surrounded with until you are left with nothing but raw hope, creativity can be your best friend. School is such a magnificent time to be creative. And I am so glad that I trying to do just that. I absolutely adore my research and feel a sense of excitement and liberation that cannot be expressed verbally. I love working with my research peers and my Professors and I have increasingly become very fond of them.

If you have ever paused to think what it was like to get lost in playing with Lego blocks or using crayons in a paint book, you are likely to be be wanting to do it again. The good news is that while we have outgrown Lego block and crayons, they are still around – only that their form and complexity has changed. We can still spot them if we know where to look. There’s plenty for everyone in school.

If you are one of those morbid readers of this blog waiting to give me a piece of your mind, I suggest that you examine the evidence that I have presented before trying to douse my thinking. 😛 If you find yourself passing through difficult times, as we all are, then this is your clarion call for action.

Unleash your creative clout. Spring is here. Even the the most bitter winter has to pass.


  1. I find your ideas so refreshing, stimulating and beautiful. Thank you for what you are doing here

    Warmest wishes for a happy life.

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