Genesis of an Epoch

And so passes a year. One that will be marked as the birth of a new and sparkling epoch. Within the genesis of this new era lies a purpose. It is in this nascent dawn that the path which must be treaded becomes visible – clear and affirmative. And treaded it will certainly be. There is much to be grateful for. There are many to thank eternally. For it is because of their nobility that this epoch rises.

Though I have faltered, time and again over the past year, I know that there is much to learn and much to do. With all my shortcomings and my erring, I am still cloaked in the same values that mean so much to me. A familiar challenge looms large, but I want to and will emerge victorious – for that it is what it is meant to be. I am simply humbled by what has been given to me and I am absolutely determined to make the best use of it. This task cannot be accomplished without the power and grace of the Maker, and every fiber in me reasserts the faith that this will continue.

In the words of  Zig Ziglar, Ambition, fueled by compassion, wisdom and integrity, is a powerful force for good that will turn the wheels of industry and open the doors of opportunity for you and countless others.

There is much to look forward to. Much to accomplish. Much to work for. And I shall do it. A glowing epoch begins. 🙂

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