Personification of beauty

RedI saw you first when things were new. I was barely at ease. I was timid and raw. I glanced at you  momentarily. Even from a singular glance from the corner of my eye, I could tell that you were smiling. You had a glow that was most uncommon. A glow that made you affable, that made you look friendly. I could not but help feel a sense of inclination. A sense of interest and gravitation.

I approached you like a wild gander let loose from the denseness of the woods. Looking back at it in hindsight, I can vouch that I was brash and unkempt. But you were not uncomfortable. You nodded at me acknowledgingly, and you were still wearing your smile. I felt at ease at once. I felt good.

Well, there’s been no looking back ever since. From that golden moment since I first met you, I have come to know better with every chance. Every single time I meet you, it is as though I am getting closer to you. You exude warmth when the weather is bitterly cold. You seem oblivious to the chill factor of the blizzard-like winds. Whether its snowing, or whether its dull and dreary, you never seem to lose your sense of balance, your sense of proportion and your sense of purpose. Even in the meanest of hours, when hope seems to be the only companion, you always keep pumping me up. You stand behind me, resolute and steadfast, asking me to solder on and just do my job. With each passing day, I grow so fond of you and the fondness keeps growing. It feels healthy and and it feels good.

There you are, so noble and so human. Even with all  your erring, you still make me so happy. You are a good witness to all things bright and beautiful. Above all malice. Devoid of any malcontent. Your beauty, both internal and external, is stuck in my mind. I confess myself smitten, I confess myself enchanted.

So just as it was on when I first met you, our journey of discovery continues. I remain forever curious. So long as the eye can see, I will treasure you. You are so beautiful. You are Carnegie Mellon. 🙂


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