The Fellowship will continue

Today marks the day when we had our very last class in college. The last class in a long time span of four years. Attendance was taken for the last time, and it was the final moment when we all sat together as a class.

Yes, the time has come when the curtains draw down on one phase of our lives. The end of a glorious period of learning, of forging magnificent acquaintances, and of cementing bonds of fellowship that ought to last for a lifetime.
I have met so many wonderful people during these four years. I have seen talent, conviction and acts of friendship, things that stand as a testimony to the fact that there is a lot of good in this world.
I will probably never get to do many of these again – the arduous task of choosing between the front and last benches, getting up early to finish off last minute practical records, and giving in to intense drowsiness after a heavy lunch in a boring class.
I have had my share of mistakes during these four years, but I have learned a lot from them. I have ridden euphorically on the crests of achievements and wallowed in the troughs of hard times too. If there is one thing that I have learned more than anything else during these four years, it is the truth that life is a matter of choice. We cannot control many of the things that lifes has for us, but we have a choice to react to them in the manner that we want to. This is a realisation that will never go away.
I am fortunate to be graduating in this this year. Never before in history was there a time of so many opportunities, and therefore such a blessed chance for us to succeed in our careers. Never before in history have social disparities been so stark. And never before in history have we faced challenges of such acute climate change that threatens our very survival.
I am filled with awe and gratitude for all that has been given to me. And I am filled with absolute determination to do what it takes to walk the path that I have chosen for myself.

To all the wonderful people that I have met in college, you have my thanks and my prayers. I will always carry fond memories of college with me. Though we might all get scattered, we will always be the graduating class of 2003.
William Shakespeare once wrote, “I count myselt in nothing else so happy as in a soul rememb’ring my good friends.”
The fellowship will always live on.

  1. College is over…:( … sunk in only after i read ur blog!!bhoo ho!good luck with everything!i am sure u will do well!

  2. its so long…i fell asleep and banged my head to the tabletop when my head slipped off my hand….yawn…keep it short bardy..

  3. Leaving college is always a bittersweet time. You are a little sad to leave your friends and the safety of the cocoon called college and eager to spread your wings and go out into the world. All the best!
    And nice writing style.

  4. Thanks for that. 🙂

    I read ‘Its so unfair’. I’m afraid I strongly disagree with it. We could discuss more on it though.

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