An ode to persistence

butterfly Charlie Munger said it best when he talked about his set of tenets in life. There are few things that matter more than the five principles that he talks about. There are few other differentiating patterns in success stories all over the world. Yes, lady luck will shine on some occasionally, but she shines even brighter on those that deserve it. And those that deserve it don’t make things happen by chance, and neither are they so full of themselves that they stop deserving it.

I was walking towards my advisor’s office last week, and read a remarkable quotation pasted on the office door. It said that there was no other trait greater than the power of persistence. There really is no substitute for hard work and practice. There are no shortcuts and no lazy paths. No superficial tricks. Not even just pure talent.

As a new semester begins, things have to be put into perspective. I am working with some of the most brilliant academic minds in this magnificent place. I have a deep sense of admiration towards my advisor. I love Carnegie Mellon. I am also surrounded by wonderful friends. I am, as a function of being surrounded by such extraodrinary human beings, obliged to be at my very best. As my determination deepens, a new sun rises. I can feel it. Quietly, but surely, the ground beneath my feet has shifted.

New and sparkling things are coming.

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