The Battle of Mount Behemoth begins

In the quiet ambience of a chamber, lies the Hobbit. Everything in the chamber is in kilter. The pervading calmly atmosphere within its walls hides that which cannot be seen. The Hobbit mills around steadily, careful to keep himself composed but alert. Composed so that he can muster all the energy that he can, alert so that he can channel it to a cause that comes calling.

A spirit of fire blazes within the Hobbit, who has prepared for the task before him. War is looming. This is a war unlike any other, for there are no enemies to slay. The real foe lies within. A foe that is unperceptible, yet a bottleneck which cannot be ignored.

The great mass of Mount Behemoth stands before the Hobbit. To win the war, the Hobbit must climb its treacherous contours. Mount Behemoth is an aggregation of the forces of procrastination, of laziness, and of ineptitude. Only the one who conquers these vices can climb this structure. It stands there, as an eloquent witness to the weakness that all men are born with.

This is a test of twenty one days. The Hobbit is aware that not even the hardest hours of work and preparation will suffice in the absence of divine support. God is always with the Hobbit.The Hobbit asks for forgiveness for all the wrongs that he might have committed. The Hobbit knows not of any other true friend. Such is the power of the Maker.

The fiery spear of sheer faith, grit and resolve is coming. Not even Mount Behemoth can stand in its way.

Lead kindly light.

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