Some of my favourite people

Don’t Get Lost In The Crowd

You are the one that keeps your dream alive

And you are the one who feels the rhythm deep inside

Do you ever wonder if you can make you fly?

But you will never know, if you don’t really try

There’s so many fast framesQuick cuts and a million stars

Can make you wonder

Can make you dream ahead from the start

When you know your heart and follow your own destiny

Don’t get lost in the crowd

Be the one to be strong and turn heads around

Even from dark to light

You are the spark

You have the fire

You are the heart

Now be a believer

Don’t get lost in the crowd –

– Ashley Ballard

  1. Hey KD!

    Such a wonderful blog…. but its getting such less attention!
    Do something sir!!

    Try linking with the Blogcamp happenning at Chennai…
    Post your blog address on newsgroups and threads that you participate in…
    I am sure, lots of people will love following your blog…

    Btw., Start using RSS sir! I will bet you that you will be addicted to it very soon….
    I recommend Onfolio or Microsoft MAX or NewsGator for desktop based readers
    Browser based readers (Minimalist) – IE 7 , Opera 9 , Firefox 2 Beta
    Online Feed Readers – is the best….

    Plz dont leave this as a comment…. Delete this after u read thru…

    Ciao dude!

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