Here on a Mission

I sometimes wonder how I manage to gather the guts to ask God for more and more. There was hymn that we used to sing in school called ‘Count your many blessings’. If only I sing that hymn to myself and tell myself that the hymn is absolutely right.

Having a good home, incredible parents, a truly lovely sister and a childhood fostered in the care of magnificent grandparents are things that I ought to be eternally grateful for. Right through my school and now in college I have had the privilege of having a wonderful circle of friends and being under the guidance of some of the best teachers that one could possible ask for.

My father and mother have always given me anything I craved for. It is true that I have shined well academically every single year of my existence. But does academic brilliance alone suffice what I can give back to my parents? I think not.

I have a strong feeling that I am here on this planet for a mission. It is not for nothing that I have been given the ability to sense and perceive things that other people my age cannot. It is not for no reason that I have been blessed with intelligence that has the potential to take me places ( I say this without the slightest trace of conceit). It is also not a mere coincidence that my skills at language and writing are in the realms of being termed as talents.

In keeping with all the things that I’ve mentioned above, I think one thing is clear. I need to use my multifold talents and inherent capacity to make it big in my life. I need to use them to elevate myself into a postion of authority. Only when I am in a position of authority and influence will I have the power to be an instrument of change in this world – to be an agent to bring about change. Change, in tune with my up bringing, my core ideologies and my strong views and beliefs.

I need to start my journey now – now is the time that is ripe. Now is the time that I have be strong in act, as I have been in thought. There is only one person that will be my sole, irreplacable and powerful friend to take me through this journey, and that is God. I have no other friend who listens to me and who has done so much for me. I have no other friend with whom I speak to so often. He alone is my rock. And I say with impunity that he will never fail me or desert me. 🙂

Perhaps the song that would best decribe this journey of mine is Enya’s ‘My Book of Days’ . She has the voice of angel.

Book Of Days – Enya
One day, one night, one moment
My dreams could be tomorrow
One step, one fall, one falter
East or West,
Over earth or by ocean
One way to be my journey
This way could be my Book of Days

No day, no night, no moment
Can hold me back from trying One flag, one fall, one falter
I’ll find my day maybe Far and Away Far and Away
One day, one night one moment
With a dream to be leaving
One step, one fall, one falter
Find a new world across a wide ocean
This way became my journey
This day brings together Far and Away
This day brings together Far and Away Far and Away.

  1. You!
    YOU did NOT tell me you had started a blog!

    That said, Good work!I’ll keep an eye on this place..
    3 cheers!

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