Sparkling April

fresh floralIts been an incredible week. Actually, it’s been more than  that. It’s as if I’ve been put on a train, blazing past the most commanding of mountains most of time and yet, during others, ambling along a dreary field. Flashes of brilliance and inspiration. Peeks of frustration and melancholy. Glimpses of a hope. A future. A passion.

I’ve written almost a thousand lines of code this week. I love PHP. Modeling and discerning bike-usage patterns in Paris is an ongoing opportunity of a lifetime. More so because there are fifty thousand linear order differential equations, waiting to solved, waiting for some creative approaches from outside the proverbial box. Professor Hampshire showed me a picture of him with the legendary John Nash – I feel rather privileged to be working with him on the iBike project.

I seem to have realized the  unseemingly witty fact that each course, no matter how lunatic or useless or sleep-inducing, can be tweaked under a clever force of will until you get exactly what you want from that course. Shantan Rao seems to have discovered this the best. It’s important to mention that it is likely his approaches are slightly different from that of mine:P

My extraordinary friend Karen has commanded me to read The Reluctant Fundamentalist. I’ve been reading almost every night for an hour before I fall asleep, and its been very fascinating.

As I find myself listening to Hans Zimmer and in the warmth of my room while writing this, I should say that the best thing about this week was a sweet glass of red zinfandel, of which I savored every sip. My friends have always called me a kid, but I think I am growing up. I’m fond of my friends.

The cherry blossoms color a most sparkling April.


    1. Thats not what I said. I said you were being clever at getting what you want in a course. Thats not the same thing as being clever in the class 😉 hehe…

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