Anchored in Action

There are times when troubles galore almost mockingly, as if to whipsaw the better part of your rationale with a wall of negativity that is seemingly impenetrable. It agitates one mentally and spiritually, forcing an internal perception of vulnerability and uncertainty into the deep recesses of your thoughts. It diminishes one’s strengths, but wildly magnifies insignificant weaknesses. It is like a cunning hacksaw that slowly erodes away enthusiasm until one is left with nothing but resentment and self-pity. How does one avoid this dangerous quagmire? How does one stay above the fray and beat the often self-made ideas that drags one down? The answer in my opinion, is too simple and yet, very very powerful.

It is called faith and simplicity. There are some basic values – time-tested attributes of life that form the bedrock of who we are and what we stand for. Honesty, integrity, a stubborn insistence on self-discipline and an intense readiness for hard work are qualities that insulate a human-being against all possible attacks of negativity. It shields a person, creating a powerful circle of defense against the lows and problems that one is bound to encounter during all phases of his or her life. Those that have overcome enormous obstacles are those that have these qualities in abundance. And there is no reason why every person cannot nurture these qualities.

Over the past couple of months, I have realized that too much of analysis and premeditation is quite ineffective. We may all have wonderful thoughts and extremely noble ideas, but they are at the end of it all what they really are – just thoughts. So as nobly formed and as intensely felt as they are, thoughts are not action. They are just thoughts. Thoughts need to be translated into action, for our actions define our habits and our habits define who we really are. The right thing to do then is to translate thoughts and words into action. It is as simple as that. But the benefits are wide-reaching and permanent.

There is a new beginning on the anvil. The era of empty talk and mere thoughts are over. I will strive to to transform these very ideas into action – to take a resolute stand that personal discipline cannot be compromised, to deepen the willingness to work hard and to trust in the basic, enduring values that will help me to make the most of my God-given potential.

This is about being tough and resilient, and about being anchored in the fundamental principles that are the very essence of life. Action is faith and faith is action. For faith without action is not faith – it is an woefully empty chain of fleeting thoughts. As William Shakespeare said, Be great in act, as you have been in thought.


  1. Karthik .. yes i do accept what u have said..But is it that you have put such a hopeless photo of yours as ur profile pic here ..?

  2. Karthik .. yes i do accept what u have said..But is it that you have put such a hopeless photo of yours as ur profile pic here ..?

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