Framework of the Twin Pillars

A glance at the window shows a light snow shower outside.  A typicality of winter, a consequence of chilly air descending from the snow belt surrounding the great lakes. The festive season is in full gusto, candles and dishes, gifts and hugs. The warmth of people at this time contrasts starkly with the cold and the snow outside. It is this contrast that makes the warmth even more special. And it makes even the snow seemingly graceful.

It is a time to reflect on things that have been, that are, and those that have not yet come to pass. Even as the learning machine keeps pace with the multitude of experiences, there are some tenets that cannot change. They are timeless and universal. Chief amongst them are the following notions: that one can only connect dots looking back in hindsight. It is only then that they become meaningful ; it is a moral imperative to solder on with resolve, overriding whatever that may lie in between ; that you are your own master, and that there the only thing that matters are your choices ; that nothing, absolutely nothing is more important than those that you love. To each his own set of dreams  – yet to keep them alive, you have to feed them and nurture them. This too is a conscious choice, for the urge to feed and nurture skepticism and fear are common alternatives. Either way, your dreams or skepticism are alive and relevant so long as you willingly feed and nurture them.

There is abundant proof that talent is universal, but opportunity is extremely limited. It is for this reason that those who are blessed with intelligence and opportunity must use it for the good of all – for the betterment of life, and for the expansion of that circle of opportunity for those that do not fall under it. One also has to think about those that have given him that circle of opportunity, for they are all his reasons. Each of these twin pillars ought to be pursued in the direction of one’s dreams. This pursuit should be done with everything that one can muster bodily, physically and emotionally, using discipline, faith and a touch of common sense.

These then, form the framework of one’s thought and action for what lies on the horizon, and there is every reason to believe that it is full of bright and sparkling things. One good thing begets another, just like a how one drop of water sticks to another – a cohesive force that is more powerful than what we might think.

So rises a new decade.

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