The road to North Gate

Another month draws to a close. I’ve just finished taking my second internals. I’ve done well. So it is that time again when the mind is free to think and reflect on the direction that life is heading towards.

I had planned a lot for this month. I may not have done all the things that I would have liked to have done, but it’s been a satisfying month nonetheless.

There were a lot of bottlenecks and hurdles this month. Most of it created by an over-sensitive mind, but some borne out of the recklessness of others.

My goals thus far are evidently clear. I recognise the importance of this particular period in my life. I think every effort that I can make, every source of strength that I can find and every positive thought that I can muster matters.

During the past month, I have recognised those who are with me and those that I had assumed were with me. My list of close friends has diminished this month. Irreparable, permanent damage has been done to two bonds of friendship in particular. I wish these people well, for they are good souls. But I cannot linger anymore. Life comes calling and I have to amble along.

I am so blissfully happy to have Ro, and to have God. I have no closer friend than God. He is my guide, my critic, and my biggest source of strength. He will never abandon me, for my heart confirms that he wont. He will show me the path towards the milestone, and give me the power to bear the painful obstacles that lie within. He is my rock.

This particular period is mine to conquer. I should not waste it, for it will not be given to me again. In my quest to reach the milestone, I may fall or falter or flag, but I will not shed my individuality and my sense of purpose. The path towards the North Gate may not have many people in it, but is the only path that I wish to take.

The road towards the North Gate is spread in front of me. There it runs, as a living testimonial to human feat and human challenges.

I will find a way. Lead kindly light. 🙂

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