Serenity and Bliss

I am back after my trip to Kukke Subhramanya, a magnificent sacred place nested whtin the picturesque hills of the Western Ghats. I was a little hesitant to visit it at first, but I lost my apprehensions once I reached the place.

I really enjoyed watching all the greenery that surrounds this truly unique place. My face and lungs, conditioned to breathing dirty air here in Bangalore, welcomed the atmosphere that bathes Kukke. I am convinced that it is delusion that we lead comfortable lives in our cities. Nothing could be more further from the truth. We live in concrete jungles, with little affection for greenery, and afflict our bodies to the mercy of all dreaful chemicals imaginable. This is a great disadvantage, for man was never born to live like this. I have decided therefore to get back to nature – to appreciate greenery and spend more time with it.

The devout fervour with which the people come to Kukke is really inspiring. They come early in the morning, after their bathing ablutions in the holy river, dressed in pure vasthras that gleam white. They come with folded hands, offering their prayers to him. They pray not only for themselves but for all who are dear to them. They pray for health and happiness, two of the most important purposes for a man’s existence. And when they eat his prasada and head back, their faces glow serenity and bliss, for they must feel self-assured that their prayers have indeed reached God.

I earnestly pray and hope that I become a better human being after this trip.

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