Live Life

It’s been an incredible past couple of weeks. Quite intriguing actually. It’s been a time of self-discovery, and of learning the bare truths about life. A realisation and an acceptance – that the worries of a man should be of no more importance to him than the scurrying of ants is to this universe.
I have learnt that life is precious, and life is unique. It is also a gift. To worry needlessly would amount to wasting it. The true meaning of life is when one studies not only for the sake of an examination, but to quench a thirst for knowledge. To seek a job not just because of the thick pay packets, but for the sheer joy of working and contributing to this world. To look forward to tomorrow not as a high-voltage strategy of risk management, but to believe in the hope that tomorrow will be better than today.
This means that life must be enjoyed. It must be cherished. I must do what I feel like doing, not what I am told to do. Society is and will be, for the forseeable futute, a consensus of the stagnant. But this openness and liberty also brings with it common sense and wisdom – to know when to stop or where to draw the lines, as I doubt there is a single sane man who is born without the innate ability to reason and to be balanced.
To each man his own – his own path, his own choice of partners for life, his own passions and way of living.
As one of my close friends said to me the other day, ‘Life is too short for you to not start enjoying it’
Lead kindly light. 🙂

  1. hey thats a nice piece of writing
    n i love the pictures in ur blog btw
    keep writing more n post more pics

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