Taking care of a marvel

There are so many wonderful features that nature builds into every human. Every living organism for that matter. The human body is nothing less than an absolute marvel. Not only is the human body one of nature’s most phenominal creations, it is also the best tangible definition of perfection.

That we know so little about our own bodies is truely unfortunate. That we regularly choose to insult our bodies through our acts of physical inaction and mental ineptitude is mournful. Most of us have a some understanding of the human body and what is right for it. But for some baffling reason, we often to do what is wrong for it and not pause to realise that we’ve done ourselves more harm than good.

Physical sluggishness and a sedantary lifestyle is perhaps the most commonly found traits in people. Spending hours in front of a TV, leaning slothfully on a couch while ingesting unhealthy snacks is decidedly disagreeable. Spending hours in front of a computer, or playing video games for instance- all fall in the same category.

If this laziness was’nt enough, we also harm our bodies through the grey matter that exists between our ears. Most of us get angered or provoked easily, wear our hearts on our sleeves and take in far too much emotion than what a human would probably need. We have degenerated into building a lifestyle where we eat and sleep at wierd times. We almost deliberately upset our own biological clocks, and by so doing, denied our bodies the chance to settle into their rhythmic cylces where they function at their best.

Three years ago, I was more or less a person who exemplified all the above qualites. In other words, I did not have a life. It was at this time that I decided to go to the gym everyday.

Exercising has had stunningly remarkable effects on me. Not only has it helped me stay healthy physically, it has also made me mentally strong. Whoever framed the sentence ‘ A healthybody results in a healthy mind’ is a wise one.

Whenever a person exercises for a reasonable period of time, the body releases a natural hormone known as the endorphin. This magical biochemical is responsible for producing a feeling of well being and a calming effect on the mind. Hardly surprising then that I feel so good after I come back from the gym.

I should and will always continue to exercise.

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