Magical Hans Zimmer

holidayIt is not for nothing that I am so fond of his music and I cannot but stand in awe at the beauty of his compositions. I listen to his music and I lose myself in its brilliance.

No other album of his has been more endearing to me than his scores for The Holiday. Whether I like the movie because of his scores or like the scores because of the movie is unknown, but I do listen to it ever so often.

If you are dear to me, chances are that you have already been recommended to his music. If you have not listened to this album, you definitely should. Start with the track called Maestro.


  1. Well then I know I’m in your ‘dear ones ‘ list !!!!!! lol….Thanks 4 sending me those tracks…
    karthik , you are so right even i can’t decide that whether its the songs that made me like the movie or whether its the movie that made me like the songs but whatever it is the beautiful rhythm keeps humming in my mind at the very thought of ‘Holiday’ & I actually feel so blissful listening to it. wow !!! & am so glad sharing this feeling here as i totally understand that we are exactly on the same page regarding this strange love for ‘The Holiday’ !!!! its funny though that how can we be so amused & deeply touch by a piece of fiction…..masterpiece!! did it win any oscar ?? 🙂

  2. 🙂 Thanks!

    It did not win any Oscars, but you are so right – it really is a fabulous movie. Put it on your iPod. ‘Kissing Goodbye’is another piece of work that is kickass!

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