Sharpened and astute

fawkes6The mind wavers, swayed by that which is immaterial and inconsequential. It has to be trained. It has to be reigned in. It falters, drifting from one emphemeral bliss to another, unmindful of the goal that remains to be achieved and the purpose that clamors for action. Sometimes, it is as though procrastination has a stranglehold on it. As if there was nothing more lovely and enjoyable than mere idling away of time.

But it cannot be held hostage for too long. Inspirational figures crop up from the most unlikely of places, acting as powerful reminders of what must be done and why they must be done. They serve as potent symbols of all things that are noble, things that have been noble, and even some noble things that have not come to pass – making a forceful case for a determined, concerted, yet calm and resourceful mind.

And thus from the ashes of the abyss rises a mind very much like a Phoenix, with a spirit anew and a focus calm and sharpened. 🙂

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