A new Renaissance

Underneath a clear star-strewn sky lies a most astonishing scene. A stretch of giant mountains, waiting in patience for what is about to happen. Unperturbed by the scarcity of light, they lie as quietly as the stillness of sound. Neither the harshness of the storms nor the bitterness of the biting cold seem to hold any sway over them. A gentle mist of clouds hover above them, in anticipation of the sight that will be.

What was a sight mired in the shadow of the night begins to dissipate as the first rays of light appear. A pencil of soft rays to an elegant beam – heralding a spectacular event. The rise of the golden morning sun, casting a golden shower of light over the mighty landscape.

The grandeur of the sight that has just been revealed is breathtaking. Snow-cloaked mountains, basking in the glory of the morning sun. As calm and gentle as their gargataun height, and as pure and untarnished as the whiteness of snow. They stand as eloquent ambassadors of resilience, of character, and of everything that is noble. [video]

A new age rises

After what seems like a short sprint since high school, I am now witnessing what can only be described as magic. A series of sparkling events have now been set in motion for the realization of a what was just a dream. How this could have happened despite my many shortcomings and challenges in life is beyond me. A new renaissance is on the anvil, ushering a wave of intellectual and cultural pursuits towards of the realization of the my overarching goal.

It is mysterious fact of life that talent is universal, but opportunity is limited and concentrated. It is worth saying again that those blessed with intelligence and opportunity have an obligation to do be what they were made to be, thereby increasing the radius of that circle of opportunity to those that are not blessed with it.

I am filled to the brim of my heart  with gratitude for all those who been have been steadfast pillars of strength. If there ever was an obvious representation of what is divine, it has to be them, for in them I can see and feel God himself. They are any and all of my reasons. They are my higgs-boson.

They are my rising sun.

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