An auspicious Odyssey commences

Much as there is to be explained and wondered about the cosmic chasm of forces that surpass all human action, faith never fails those who embrace it. It works in it’s own mystifying and magical ways, leading the hopeful towards a purpose that is well set. With every step comes the realization that this purpose is what must be fulfilled. And fulfilled it will certainly be.

I am so humbled and grateful that I am a student in Carnegie Mellon, one of the world’s most illustrious and profound centers of learning. I have come here because of those who have nourished and given me an upbringing that is second to none.…


For all the desires and goals that one can harbour, there is a virtue that is often overlooked. It tempers surreal expectations, and soothes the harshest of blows. It is in my opinion, one of the most potent weapons in the armory of the strong and the stable-minded, and a secret virtue of those that befriend success and nobility. It’s quite common, I hear it being bandied all the time these days. It’s not a big deal. It’s called gumption – the ability to learn from your experiences.

Learning from one’s experiences is the key, be it episodes of stark mistakes or high feats.…

Anchored in Action

There are times when troubles galore almost mockingly, as if to whipsaw the better part of your rationale with a wall of negativity that is seemingly impenetrable. It agitates one mentally and spiritually, forcing an internal perception of vulnerability and uncertainty into the deep recesses of your thoughts. It diminishes one’s strengths, but wildly magnifies insignificant weaknesses. It is like a cunning hacksaw that slowly erodes away enthusiasm until one is left with nothing but resentment and self-pity. How does one avoid this dangerous quagmire? How does one stay above the fray and beat the often self-made ideas that drags one down?

Marching Season

I’ve often wondered why some people are more susceptible to melancholy. Melancholy that is the bane of brooding over things that happened in the past, and things over which one has no control. Heck, the vast chunk of humanity seems to have a mysterious affinity for it. I’ve always thought of them as weak people, those unfortunate souls that have got trapped in a vicious cycle of self-pity and self-hatred ness. But never in the foggiest of my dreams did I expect that I’d ever go through such a phase. No one can ever be fully immune from certain things in life, or so it seems.…

Privilege of a lifetime

It is as though you step into another world. A world so complete and so rich in detail, that it appears as if you are in it. You are so immersed in it, and so mesmerized by its newfangled way of life, that you adore and relish every moment of it. It is like gliding like an adventurous cloud over a vast wonderland. No, I am not talking about the Aurthur Conan Doyle or about Tolkien. I’m taking about Joanne Kathleen Rowling’s world of magic. Yes, I’m talking about Harry Potter.

I was waiting for the release of the seventh book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for a long time.

Steadfast and resolute

Even for those who are genetically sensitive, those inclined towards a conservative view of themselves, there are times when the tides of life seem to hit especially hard. The past month and a half has been particularly tough and testing. Nothing seems to work, and no amount of hard work and diligence seems to fetch anything substantial. It is as though one is meandering through stagnant waters, where no matter how hard you row, you are at the end of it all, still meandering.

What I should have done differently, or how better I should have done things – I do not know.…

The Fellowship will continue

Today marks the day when we had our very last class in college. The last class in a long time span of four years. Attendance was taken for the last time, and it was the final moment when we all sat together as a class.
Yes, the time has come when the curtains draw down on one phase of our lives. The end of a glorious period of learning, of forging magnificent acquaintances, and of cementing bonds of fellowship that ought to last for a lifetime.
I have met so many wonderful people during these four years. I have seen talent, conviction and acts of friendship, things that stand as a testimony to the fact that there is a lot of good in this world.

The North Gate opens

This certainly has to be the most wonderful week that I have had in years. I made it to Yahoo! as an intern. A place of I had so yearned for. A place where I really wanted to be.
This means more than an internship – it means that basic values are always indispensible, that every ounce of hard work is rewarded, and that every fibre of faith is always held true.
I am about to enter a new and exciting world of opportunities and challenges. I want to do my best. And I want to have a ball!
I want to thank Ashwin for introducing me to freeBSD.