Personification of beauty

RedI saw you first when things were new. I was barely at ease. I was timid and raw. I glanced at you  momentarily. Even from a singular glance from the corner of my eye, I could tell that you were smiling. You had a glow that was most uncommon. A glow that made you affable, that made you look friendly. I could not but help feel a sense of inclination. A sense of interest and gravitation.

I approached you like a wild gander let loose from the denseness of the woods. Looking back at it in hindsight, I can vouch that I was brash and unkempt.…

Sparkling April

fresh floralIts been an incredible week. Actually, it’s been more than  that. It’s as if I’ve been put on a train, blazing past the most commanding of mountains most of time and yet, during others, ambling along a dreary field. Flashes of brilliance and inspiration. Peeks of frustration and melancholy. Glimpses of a hope. A future. A passion.

I’ve written almost a thousand lines of code this week. I love PHP. Modeling and discerning bike-usage patterns in Paris is an ongoing opportunity of a lifetime. More so because there are fifty thousand linear order differential equations, waiting to solved, waiting for some creative approaches from outside the proverbial box.…

Small things and influence

We were studying cyclones and anti-cyclones when I was in my seventh grade. My geography teacher asked us to watch the BBC World weather report to get a glimpse of isotherms and isobars and keep a diary of how low and high pressure systems progressed over the period a month.

I suppose I was the only one to do this assignment. I would watch the weather report at ten minutes to six o’clock every day. I  simply liked the way it was being presented. Neat and polished, in brevity, but classy. I’d watch the weather report whenever I got the chance.…

Unleashing the creative clout

Building blocks

When I watched Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on nurturing creativity, I felt a natural surge of empathy towards her. While it may very well be that creativity comes at a cost, to think of it as a burden would be inappropriate. By no stretch of imagination can creativity be described as something that can consume the life out of an individual. While it may be true that many great creators in history have suffered an early affliction or even premature death, blaming it on creativity is missing the point. Creativity does not ‘consume’ a person until he or she is left to languish with what remains of their mortal selves.…

Of Good Cheer and Strong Heart

Man jumping on a green meadow with a beautiful cloudy sky

I look back in hindsight and doubt if there was ever a time that was as turbulent as they are now. Sometimes its feels as if I am merely meandering. During others, it feels like progress. It is half as bad to be in a state of certainty than to be in a flux, where emotions seem to sway with the frequency of a pendulum. Feeling hopeful during one instant and crestfallen during the next. Never have I had to pass through such a test of fire. Never have I had to cope with so many harsh predicaments at the same time.…

Immaculate Capricorn


Challenges galore amidst the backdrop of rough and testing times, only to strengthen my resolve. As has been said before, I’ll fall, I’ll flag, I’ll falter, yet I will find my way.

As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your great delight and benefit.  ~Emmanuel

Genesis of an Epoch

And so passes a year. One that will be marked as the birth of a new and sparkling epoch. Within the genesis of this new era lies a purpose. It is in this nascent dawn that the path which must be treaded becomes visible – clear and affirmative. And treaded it will certainly be. There is much to be grateful for. There are many to thank eternally. For it is because of their nobility that this epoch rises.

Though I have faltered, time and again over the past year, I know that there is much to learn and much to do.…

Sharpened and astute

fawkes6The mind wavers, swayed by that which is immaterial and inconsequential. It has to be trained. It has to be reigned in. It falters, drifting from one emphemeral bliss to another, unmindful of the goal that remains to be achieved and the purpose that clamors for action. Sometimes, it is as though procrastination has a stranglehold on it. As if there was nothing more lovely and enjoyable than mere idling away of time.

But it cannot be held hostage for too long. Inspirational figures crop up from the most unlikely of places, acting as powerful reminders of what must be done and why they must be done.…

Magical Hans Zimmer

holidayIt is not for nothing that I am so fond of his music and I cannot but stand in awe at the beauty of his compositions. I listen to his music and I lose myself in its brilliance.

No other album of his has been more endearing to me than his scores for The Holiday. Whether I like the movie because of his scores or like the scores because of the movie is unknown, but I do listen to it ever so often.

If you are dear to me, chances are that you have already been recommended to his music.…

My heart is in my work

To underestimate it would amount to a travesty. To avoid it completely would amount to nothing more than an unpardonable waste. And to fuss about it all the time would point towards a lack of direction. The more I think about it, the more impressed I am about its sheer power to alter and define our lives. It is, in all likelihood, one of the most powerful and magical gifts we have been given as human beings. It is our ability to work. Our innate ability to exert our mental and physical strengths to build and sustain all things around us, and by so doing play our individual parts in the world’s order of things.…